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The office looks wonderful! We love it! Thank you,

They look great, thank you Michael and Jim. As usual, it’s easy to count on PaintSmiths.

Thank you! Jim did a great job!

I just wanted to let you know what a fantastic job The Paintsmiths of Missouri, Inc. did on our home. As you are aware, the work was to paint all of the trim throughout the exterior of the home. It is tedious work, at height and requires attention to detail. Your painter Jim was perfect for the job. He worked hard, was quick and the quality of work was outstanding. I sincerely appreciate that he showed up when he said he would be there and I appreciate that he was neat and very professional. Thanks again for a great job!

He's trustworthy. That you know that he's going to show up on time. That his painters are going to do a good job. I have worked with some painters in the past and they never call you back. They don't follow up or they don't do a good job.

They seem to be our number one painter because when you call and ask to have someone on site tomorrow it always happens. They are very thorough with getting people on the job site when needed.

They always do quality work. They're always honest about pricing. I never feel like they're trying to upsell me or squeeze in a couple extra bucks. They're just really fair and upfront and honest. And Michael's really good about going to the property and giving you his professional opinion on the best method. And because I trust him and his word, it just kind of makes my job easier.

I mean, honestly I just think they are awesome. He's responsive. He helps us. There are times when I'll bring him out to a building, I'll be like, "I have no idea what I want the color to be but I want you to paint it." And he'll help me figure out color ideas. He'll tell me if he thinks something's a bad idea. And he has good advice and he has good pricing and he has good people working for him.

They're always really quick to respond, and they're always really quick to get the work on their schedule, to fit us in, and they always go a great job, and when I go out and inspect the work, if there's anything something that looks like they've missed, they always come back and get it taken care of.

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